For the past few years, car manufacturers have been looking for ways to improve driver attention and safety. One of the ways to keep drivers focused is with apps like Android Auto. This app instantly connects to your car’s screen and emulates your home phone screen, allowing you to see messages, calls, music apps, and so much more. You can control almost anything with voice commands using Android Auto as well.

Drivers can now stay hands-off of their phone while driving, making it so much safer on the roads for everyone. While not all vehicles include Android Auto, most brands have enabled the ability in their infotainment system so that it hooks right into your car’s system and audio.

You can use Android Auto for OK Google and virtual assistant needs as well. It’s the easiest way to tap into apps like Google Maps and Waze, too. Want to see what it’s like to use Android Auto? Test drive a new vehicle at Acura of Reno.



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