Removable Cargo Liner

A removable cargo liner is an important feature for dog owners to have in their vehicle as they provide you with an easy clean up if your dog has an accident. They are also easy to remove and allow you to hose them down with ease.

In-Floor Storage Bins

At Acura of Reno, we offer vehicles that have in-floor storage bins which come in handy for all of you dog owners out there. By having in-floor storage bins, you can store your belongings without the fear of your dog stepping on them or chewing them during the ride.

Childproof Window Locks

Here at Acura of Reno, we care a lot about your dog's safety and feel that childproof window locks are something of the essence for a dog-friendly vehicle. By using childproof window locks, you will keep your dog from rolling the window down and jumping out.


Low-to-the-ground-profile vehicles make it easier for your dog to get in and out of the vehicle. They will also help you avoid scratches on your vehicle from your dog trying to jump into the back seat. To check out our low-to-the-ground-profile vehicles, come test drive a vehicle at Acura of Reno today.



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