You’re in a rush to pick someone up, but your car’s a mess. If there’s no time to take the car for a proper washing, you can still give it the same look and fool almost anyone. Keep an emergency cleanup kit in your trunk for unexpected moments.

Wet your car completely, and from your kit, get a microfiber towel and spray it with a drying agent made for cars. Then gently buff the exterior to dry it. Use a separate towel for your wheels, and never wipe any part of your car if there’s mud on it, as this can damage the finish.

For the interior, you’ll want to wipe down the surfaces with a towel and a spritz of a car upholstery solution. Stow any trash in a plastic bag for removal and wipe the glass with window spray and a towel. Spray a bit of car freshener to finish, and your total cleanup time will take under 10 minutes.

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