Few people today buy a car without test driving it first, but do they know why they’re test driving it? We’ll all agree that test driving a shiny new car can be exciting and definitely a selling point, but it should also be a way to learn about the vehicle you’re contemplating buying. Stop at Acura of Reno and get some tips on car buying and things to remember when test driving a car.
• Make an appointment with the dealership so you don’t catch them at a bad time.
• Know what kind of car you’re interested in buying before you get to the dealership.
• Make a list of what you want in the way of features and amenities.
• Pick a specific day for test driving so you have sufficient time and do not feel rushed.
• Look under the hood, and walk around it so get a good look.

We have a great selection of vehicles. Come to our store in Reno and test drive a vehicle or two.


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