The prospect of finding a reliable used car can seem daunting to even the most discerning and highly seasoned shoppers. Fortunately, drivers can confidently make informed buying decisions with comprehensive vehicle history reports. At Acura of Reno. we're committed to helping shoppers make the most of this essential, pre-purchase information.

What A Vehicle History Report Is

Also referred to as a vehicle identification number (VIN) check, a vehicle history report is a collection of records that includes all repair documents, insurance company reports, records from state DMV offices, and more. It is designed to help used car buyers identify problems and concerning past events, before parting with their hard-won cash.

What You Can Learn From A Vehicle History Report

?From rollback alerts and odometer readings, these reports are designed to provide optimum levels of transparency in used car sales. Buyers can learn more about the accident and title histories of prospective vehicles. They can also find out whether or not any liens currently exist. To learn more about vehicle history reports, or to have your recall service handled by trusted professionals, come see us at Acura of Reno today.


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