If you try to start your car only to find that your battery is dead, it can be a frustrating experience. Unless the battery is no longer viable, a dead battery is typically caused by leaving lights or other accessories on when the vehicle isn't running.

To get your vehicle to start, you'll need to provide some type of power to your battery. While this can be provided by another vehicle in Reno, NV, you can also use a battery charger to provide the needed power. If you choose to charge your battery, here are a few tips from Acura of Reno for choosing the best location to do the job.

The first requirement is that the location you choose must be dry. Any moisture that is introduced into the charging process can put you at risk of electrocution and your battery at risk of a short.

The second requirement is that you move the battery as little as possible. Due to the chemical makeup of a battery, it's important to keep it level at all times. This means that one of the best places to charge your car battery is in the car itself, though you can charge it in a garage or other secure location, as well.

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