Your vehicle is a complex machine that is made up of all types of hoses, valves, pipes, and other components. To get these different components to work together, something has to be placed between the different types of components to ensure a tight seal. That tight seal is the responsibility of gaskets.

Gaskets are found in dozens of locations throughout your vehicle. The most commonly known gasket in a car is the head gasket, which seals your engine so that it can combust fuel properly. However, pretty much anywhere that you find two different types of materials together in one system, you'll find a gasket working hard to prevent leaks.

If it weren't for gaskets, your car's engine, brakes, power steering, windshield wipers, and air conditioner wouldn't function properly in Reno, NV. Any system that circulates liquid or gas must have a tight seal to work, meaning it can't operate without a gasket. Therefore, it's important to keep your gaskets in good condition and to ensure that they are changed-out with high-quality replacements at Acura of Reno whenever necessary.

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