Pets are loved by everyone, especially their owners. Whether dogs, cats, rabbits, or hamsters, these fur-balls are so beloved by families that we often end up bringing them with us when we go on vacation. And when those vacations begin with a road-trip, that can mean real consequences for your car's interior - welcome to hair city!

Here at Acura of Reno, we figured we owe it to our readers to know a few handy tips to dealing with this hair. A big trick is static electricity - this can be used in a variety of ways to pick up the hair that vacuums just can't seem to get. Whether using rubber gloves, rubber sheets, or even a balloon, a light coating of water and vigorous rubbing should result in that hair coming right off the seats and into your waiting trash receptacle. After one additional vacuuming, your hair problem should be taken care of.



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