If you're in the market for a new vehicle but have pets that like to come along for a ride frequently, Acura of Reno has compiled a list of features in a dog-friendly vehicle that you'll want to watch out for.
  • Floor mats should be an all-season variety that can be easily cleaned. You'll want to be able to quickly remove pet hair, dander and muddy paw marks.
  • Many vehicles come with backseat climate control functions. This allows you to keep your pet comfortable during the trip.
  • The backseat should be large enough to safely house your pet with a harness system.
  • Trunk and cargo space big enough for a crate is optimal as well.
  • Some vehicles come equipped with a pet gate that keeps you and your dog safe while driving on the road together.
  • Sliding doors allow you to slowly close the rear doors without worrying about hitting your pet.


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