Roadside emergencies are not only inconvenient but they can also be costly and dangerous if not handled properly. If you’re lucky, you’ll never experience a roadside emergency, but if you do, it’s important to be prepared and follow safety measures. Our team at Acura of Reno is ready to offer you assistance and advice on dealing with these types of things. Here are some helpful tips.

• Pull off the road and wait for help.
• Move away from your vehicle if you cannot park it in a safe spot.
• If you have flares, use them.
• Call for help but stay in the vehicle with the doors locked.
• Do not open your windows or doors unless you know the other person or they are authorized personnel.
• Always carry an emergency kit in your trunk.

Whether you’ve had a roadside emergency or just want to be prepared, come to our Acura of Reno store for all your automotive parts and services.


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