An SUV makes it easy to haul supplies for a do-it-yourself project, camping gear for a weekend away, or sports equipment to ensure that your kids have all they need as you carry them around Reno. When loading any type of cargo, though, it is vital that you do so safely to ensure that it doesn't shift while you're driving. Here are a few tips that we at Acura of Reno use ourselves when loading SUVs.

When loading, make sure to load the heaviest items first. Putting heavier items on the bottom provides a good foundation for other items you need to load and prevents a stack from collapsing under its own weight. Another important safety tip is to keep at least part of your back window visible when loading your SUV. This ensures that you can safely check your surroundings when you back up so that you're not depending entirely on your backup camera. Plus, keeping your window visible ensures that you can use your rearview mirror while you're driving.


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