Whenever the weather gets warmer, you'll see more vehicles on the side of the road in Reno, NV with the hood up and smoke or steam coming from the engine. Warm weather brings on engine overheating. Here are some of the reasons why that occurs.

The most common reason for your engine to overheat is that you have little or no coolant. Make sure you have adequate levels. If the level is low, have Acura of Reno technicians look for leaks. Dirty coolant can also prevent the water pump from working correctly, which can altogether stop the engine.

Worn belts and hoses can also cause your engine to overheat. Whenever something doesn't work properly, your engine will work harder and get hotter. Any issue with your radiator, whose job it is to cool your engine will do the same. Make sure your heat exchanger unit isn't clogged and that your engine has enough oil for proper lubrication.

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