Acura of Reno loves seeing our drivers in Reno, NV enjoying their new car, and taking care of your vehicle is a point of pride for most drivers, so we asked some experts for their best car detailing tips.

One of the biggest mistakes amateur car detailers make is not paying enough attention to the windows. Nobody wants unsightly streaks on their auto glass. When you dry your windows, dry the exterior of the window in one direction and the interior of the window in another direction. This makes it easier to spot streaks. Don't forget to roll down your windows and clean the top of the glass. Wax and cleansers can build up in your window jamb and cause smears.

Another great tip is to not let your car air dry. Watermarks can ruin the appearance of a freshly washed vehicle. Our experts recommend using a chamois or microfiber towel in a figure-eight motion to dry your car.

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