There are many certifications that an auto technician can earn to show proficiency in their field. One of the more popular ones is known as ASE certification, which stands for Automotive Service Excellence. This article will go over what ASE Certification is and why it's important for auto technicians to be certified!

Quicker Turnaround Times

ASE Certification is a great way to prove your competence to your customers, and with that takes confidence. Being that you are certified by the industry's largest organization, word tends to spread quickly of just how good of a technician you are. Having this reputation will attract more customers towards you. You can earn points towards the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Award (more on that later on in this article) which, will earn you a certificate and a chance at winning some cash prizes!

Certification Guarantees Quality Service

It is important to remember that being ASE certified shows your customers that you are an experienced professional in the automotive field. There is a certain level of respect that comes along with being ASE certified, which leads to retaining customers and gaining new ones!



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